Zardde Gold
CDB : 0.6%
THC : 13%
Powerful effect on pain and a strong appetite booster. This strain has a high proportion of active ingredients and its effects last a long time. Nevertheless it does not impede mental clarity, and allows for good cognitive capacity and a high level of functionality. Stirring, energizing and enlightening, a classical Sativa combining several strains from the equator.
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Red Rhino
CDB : 0.2%
THC : 14%
A strain that combines genetics hailing from Afghanistan with those from Thailand and Mexico, a favorite among long time users.
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Kahavvai Mode
CDB : 0.2%
THC : 16%
Mainly affects the head, thought provoking, gives the patient a feeling of ease and clarity. Easy to fall asleep with, promotes appetite.
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Tachllta Till
CDB : 0.5%
THC : 23%
This is the company’s flagship strain – alleviating a wide range of pains and discomforts. Reduces stress and relieves pain. Body and mind are instantly soothed. At low doses, enables high functionality. Effective for muscle relaxation and in combatting the most intense pains of all types. Soporific and anesthetic. Bestows a sense of euphoria and calm, very useful to those suffering from stress, anxiety and post-traumatic syndromes. The general experience is soothing, warm and pleasant. Helps maintain mental concentration. Strong Indica strain.
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Havarra Wedding
CDB : 0.1%
THC : 11%
Recommended for use at all hours of the day. Moderately energizing and does not induce drowsiness. A long lasting effect, which enables the continuation of regular daily activity. A strain that does not affect cognitive function, and thus allows one to lead a normative lifestyle (work, study, etc.). Improves mood and motivation, enables pain free daily functioning, effective in treating a wide range of ailments.
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Super Silver Bullet
CDB : 0.1%
THC : 14%
Cultivated by the Seàch farm. A product of knowledge and experience. Suited to local climate and patient base. Very unique aroma and flavor.
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Argvana Heart
CDB : 7%
THC : 6%
Achieves a balanced combination of THC and CBD, with a very strong bodily effect, relaxing and effective for pain relief. Moderate psychoactive effect and intensified medicinal activity. Suitable for a normative lifestyle (work, study, etc.). This strain has powerful anti-inflammatory properties with the ability to alleviate pain even for those suffering serious conditions.
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Jerusalem Espress
CDB : 0.5%
THC : 16%
Uplifts mood, good for aches and nausea, excellent for sleep, relaxes and reduces stress and anxiety.
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