Tachllta Till
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This is the company’s flagship strain – alleviating a wide range of pains and discomforts.
Reduces stress and relieves pain. Body and mind are instantly soothed. At low doses, enables high functionality.
Effective for muscle relaxation and in combatting the most intense pains of all types. Soporific and anesthetic.
Bestows a sense of euphoria and calm, very useful to those suffering from stress, anxiety and post-traumatic syndromes.
The general experience is soothing, warm and pleasant.
Helps maintain mental concentration. Strong Indica strain.

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Quantity of active ingredient:

THC: 23-28%
CBD: 0.5%

Usage times:


Sativa 40%

Indica 60% 


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Limited quantity: Limited
limited to :30g Buds

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Taste and smell:

Deep and powerful scent, aromas of freshly tilled soil and fine herbs. An

unforgettable taste, with hints of nutmeg and earl gray.

Direct parents:

Skunk #1

Shark’s Breath


Laboratory tests:

Laboratory tests:

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