Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is an extract of the cannabis bud and its active ingredients
steeped in a blend of vegetable oils including olive oil, wheat germ oil
and coconut oil.

Bracha Oil – A cannabis bud extract recommended for treatment of
pain, mood swings, hunger and shakes. Bestows sensation of calm and
relaxation and enables day to day functionality.
THC 9%, conversion ratio 1:1

Argvana Oil – An oil extracted from the Argvana strain, containing a
high concentration of CBD, highly effective for patients suffering from
orthopedic and join pains, digestive system troubles, Parkinson’s disease
and fibromyalgia. THC 5%, CBD 5%, conversion ratio 1:1. limited to :10g 

Nehama Oil – Utilizes the same extraction method that produces Rick
Simpson oil (RSO), good for sleep troubles, pains, oncology patients
undergoing treatment, anxiety. Recommended for use during rest hours.
THC 10% CBD 0.5%, conversion ratio 1:1

Adina Oil – An especially highly concentrated cannabis extract, based
on Rick Simpson oil (RSO), in accordance with Israeli regulations. Adina
Oil is designated for treatment of cancerous growths, and is considered
effective in stunting their growth as well as alleviating symptoms
resulting from chemotherapy/radiation treatments. THC 30% CBD 1.4%, conversion ratio 1:3

Yehezkel Oil – A special oil designated for use with a vaporizer. *Available
for purchase starting July 2017
THC 9% CBD 0.5%, conversion ratio 1:1

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