At Seàch, the cannabis plants are grown with tender love and care. The cultivation process takes

place in a sealed greenhouse with climate control and in detached soil beds so as to provide the

plant with as much natural nourishment as possible.

The buds are harvested at the exact moment when the flower reaches optimal ripeness.

During the harvest, we exact a careful manual selection process so as to extract only the most

high quality buds.

Ready to use buds

The buds undergo an optimized drying process, in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s

regulations, as well as a unique ageing process developed by the Seàch company in order to

intensify the plants’ natural flavors and aromas.

“That our garners may be full, affording each and every strain” Psalms 144:13

בנייה וקידום אתרים בנייה וקידום אתרים